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00:00 I. Introduction 13:02 Energetic voice-leading gestalts (some exx.)
00:19 Initial observations 17:41 III. “The Tristan progression"
03:17 The paper's objectives 20:10 The third “Tristan" chord & Kurth's hearing
04:38 II. Kinetic displacement intervals (KDIs) 21:46 The “energetic narrative" of mm. 1–17
06:47 How to determine a KDI 25:35 VI. The paradigm in other contexts
10:25 What do the KDIs attempt to model? 30:21 Closing comments
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Recording credits: The prelude is performed by Karl Böhm and the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra (© Deutsche Grammaphon, 1966). The vocal excerpts are Jon Vickers (Tristan) and Helga Dernesch (Isolde), with the Berlin Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan, cond. (© EMI, 1972).